Emma Loves Pink

Wingedchariot launches its first picturebook on the iPad - Languages, stories and fun.

To all the little girls who love pink. WingedChariot brings the first UK picturebook to the iPad. Building on their pioneering work in digital stories, WingedChariot proudly launches the first in a new series of multi-lingual picture stories on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It features new sticker to play with alongside a beautiful and delightfully crafted story.

Welcome to Emma’s fantasy world of pink.

Join the adorable little hare as she takes you through an imaginative and comic catalogue of her favourite colour. From the award winning Estonian artist Piret Raud.

Follow the playful illustrations and read the story in 3 languages: English, Estonian and Japanese.

Enjoy the lovely animation, beautiful artwork and smooth, curling page turns. Print, resize and save your sticker play to email to your friends. Discover sounds and beautiful animation within this delightful story.

All our new apps are optimised for the iPhone, iPod touch and the new iPad.

Emma loves pink is the first in a series of engaging picturebook story apps to be released by WingedChariot this summer.

The app is available in all itunes store and is priced at $2.99, £1.79 or €2.39
"My story is about little hare who likes only pink things. With the help of her friend she finally discovers that pink isn't the only colour in the world after all. While making this book with WingedChariot I felt a bit like the hare from my story. I've illustrated over 40 paper-books and love the world of paper and print. Making a digital book is an experience which widened my horizons and brought new colours into my creative life "" Piret Raud, Author
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